School & church marquee hire to host your event in London, Croydon, Kent & Surrey

By choosing Sahara Marquees as your school and church marquee hire provider, you already know that your event won’t go unnoticed.

"With us you’ll have plenty of marquee options to provide a location for your event."

The first to call for any church and school marquee hire services

At Sahara Marquees, we are happy to help with any event your school or church needs to organise in London, Croydon, Kent & Surrey. Our selection of products and services includes:

  • Multiple alternatives of church marquee hire;
  • Different shapes and colours of school marquee hire.

Due to our many years of experience and the expertise of our friendly team, you can always rely on us for any events you plan to put together for your church. We will get you the right marquee for any ceremony, or celebration.

In addition to this we have a tailor-made marquee package dedicated to school functions and events, ranging from organised science fairs and expos to themed parties, team-building gatherings, graduations, and specialist events.

School marquee hire and more to enjoy

We know that sometimes organising an event constrains you to stick to a fixed budget. That’s why we offer you a range of affordable solutions, so that you won’t need to compromise on your big day.

Always go the whole way

With us you’ll have plenty of marquee options to provide a venue for your event. Whether you’re looking for a roof-only tent or weather-resistant enclosed marquee we can supply it. On top of this, we also supply a wide array of event equipment, so you can rest assured you’ll have all the tools, furniture and more to make your event stand out.

Call us and let’s team up for a perfect event for your church or school.

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